Immigrating to Austria by marriage

If you are looking for one of the best and easiest ways to immigrate to Austria and get a residence permit in Austria, we offer you immigration through marriage.

Austria, like most European countries, grants Austrian citizenship to its spouse if a citizen marries a foreign national. According to the Austrian Marriage Citizenship Act, if an Austrian woman or man marries a foreign national apart from his or her gender, there are no restrictions on granting residence to a spouse.

Conditions for obtaining Austrian residency through marriage

If a person intends to marry in Austria, he or she can obtain Austrian permanent residency after marrying an Austrian citizen and applying for a certain period of time, and eventually become an Austrian citizen. Marriage in Austria is legal and recognized by international governments.

18 years is the minimum age for marriage. If the person is younger, the permission of the guardian or caregiver is required. A person who is currently married cannot remarry unless his or her previous marriage has been annulled and officially divorced. If he has a child, he must also provide proof of his or her child’s identity.

It must be proved that the marriage in Austria is not formal and that the parties must provide evidence to the Austrian embassy to prove the marriage. Documents can include a marriage certificate, documents related to the previous acquaintance of the parties (using shared photos, etc.). Each of the parties to the marriage, who has the citizenship of another country, can acquire Austrian citizenship after 6 years of marriage and life. Couples must have lived in a house in Austria for at least 5 of these 6 years. If, within 6 years, the applicant for Austrian citizenship has lived in Austria for less than 5 years, according to Austrian law, he or she can obtain Austrian citizenship after 10 years of legal residence.

On the other hand, a person who wants to get married has only 6 months from the time of announcing the engagement to the day of marriage.



Marriage process in Austria

The first step is to apply for marriage through the Austrian Marriage Registry. If neither party is an Austrian citizen, they must do so in Vienna, but if one of the parties to the marriage is an Austrian citizen, they can register a marriage outside of Vienna. You can register your marriage application form in Austria up to six months before the wedding, after which it will take 2 to 6 weeks to determine the date of the wedding. The marriage application form in Austria must be jointly filled out by the parties.

Advantages of marriage in Austria

  • Possibility of permanent residence and Austrian citizenship
  • Possibility to travel to all Schengen member states
  • High purchasing power and living in one of the best European countries
  • Possibility to receive an Austrian passport



When a person enters Austria with a marriage visa, he or she has all the benefits of a citizen, such as free education and a work permit.


Citizenship system in Austria

Citizenship in Austria is based on the blood system, so a person who marries an Austrian citizen and becomes an Austrian citizen after a certain period of residence, and a child born to Austrian parents, regardless of his or her place of birth, is considered an Austrian child. Of course, having a child in Austria alone cannot be considered a document of citizenship. Therefore, a child born to Austrian parents is considered an Austrian citizen.



Obtaining residency through marriage

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